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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do you open a walnut (and do you need a nut cracker)?
A: Walnut in the shell have a pointy end and an indented (stem) end. Insert the end of a teaspoon into the indent and twist. You now have two halves from which it is easy to remove the kernel.

Opening with a teaspoon

Q: How long will walnuts keep?
A: In the shell, walnuts will keep for more than 12 months in a ventilated spot out of the sun (i.e. in your pantry). The kernel will be likely to be a light brown rather than almost white but the eating quality will still be good.

Q: How do I keep walnut kernel?
A: Supermarkets may have it out on the ordinary display but, once out of the shell, walnut kernel should be kept refrigerated at about 4 degrees C for short term storage. For indefinite storage, keep them in the freezer. They thaw perfectly.

Q: Are our walnuts "organic"?
A: No, we need to use a copper spray (basically like the old Bordeaux mixture) to prevent walnut blight. Blight is a bacterial infection that causes shriveled kernel. Australian soils are mostly deficient in copper so the spray is also acting as a trace element fertiliser.